Public Works  

Public Works is one department with five divisions- Streets, Sewer, Sanitation, Building Maintenance and Parks & Grounds. 

Public Works handles Christmas decorations and flags for special occasions. Our staff works behind the scenes with other city departments and the Chamber of Commerce to ensure that events such as, National Night Out, National Day of Prayer and MauldinFest run smoothly. We respond to after-hours calls consisting of sewer, inclement weather, fallen trees and storm drainage.

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for all City residents through a responsive, efficient, and effective delivery of services to every neighborhood and business and by reflecting a can-do attitude with our citizens as well as other City entities—Building Maintenance, Park & Grounds, Streets, Sanitation, and Sewer. 

Parks & Grounds

Our Parks & Grounds Department staff is responsible for maintaining parks, walking trails and several miles of right-of-ways within City limits. This includes but is not limited to maintaining flower beds, grass cutting, weed and litter control. Building maintenance such as maintaining all restrooms and picnic shelters are also a part of their duties.


The city streets are maintained by constant weed and litter control.The staff maintains the right-of-ways by constantly performing mowing and litter control duties on these facilities.

This team is also responsible for maintaining the fields at the parks prior to and during games. This includes mowing, marking, irrigation and lighting.

Building Maintenance

Maintain and upkeep of all city buildings. This includes repair and monitoring of all HVAC, electrical, mechanical and plumbing

Vehicle Maintenance

The City of Mauldin has a vehicle maintenance department with two mechanics. They are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the entire City fleet of vehicles which includes cars, trucks, backhoes, garbage trucks, and other pieces of equipment

Street Sweeping

In an effort to curb the amount of waste and debris that enters into the City of Mauldin, storm drainage systems are in place to improve the appearance of the City. Street sweeping services are provided along curbed streets on an on-going basis.

Mosquito Control

In an effort to reduce the number of mosquitoes, the City of Mauldin does provide mosquito control through an integrated mosquito management program of larval management to reduce immature mosquitoes in their water environment and spraying at nighttime for mature flying mosquitoes.

Geotech Pinpoint GPS System

Recently the City purchased and installed state of the art GPS equipment that enables us to track our vehicles, manpower, and fuel consumption. In the future, this will reduce the fuel costs, maintenance costs, wear and tear on vehicles and allow us to be more efficient and provide better service.